Is this the first time you are leasing a business property? If you responded yes, then follow these easy steps to help the procedure go as smoothly as possible. Remember that the property you select will have a direct influence on your business, so choose wisely. The property search is an important component of the real estate procedure that might have an impact on your company's performance. Here are some pointers to help you select the best commercial property for your business:


There is no aspect more significant than the business property's location. If you're looking for an industrial shed, co-working space, office, store, showroom, industrial building, or even warehouse, the site is vital. Anything that requires a lot of areas, such as a warehouse or a shed, should be located on the edge of the town. Larger areas are available at reduced rates here.

If you're searching for a store or co-working space, the city's Central Business District is the best place to look. This will increase your exposure and make you more accessible to customers. Returns of 12-13 % are attainable in the proper location, while only 9-% are possible in the ordinary site.

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Your industry model will have an impact on the quantity of space you require. Do you require private workspaces or would you rather operate in an open environment? How many meeting rooms do you require? How much of a reception area do you need to serve your customers? Will you require storage or warehouse space? If you're running a franchise, you'll have to meet certain space criteria. Your commercial real estate broker can assist you in determining how much space you require for your company.

You must address the ambience of the room in addition to the size since it should reflect your company's culture and identity. Your commercial property can have an impact on both your reputation and your workers' efficiency.


You must decide if you want a business space that is an empty shell or one that is plug and play based on your budget and what you intend to accomplish with the facility. A bare shell allows you the freedom to personalize the space to your specific preferences and needs, while also saving money. The disadvantage is that you will have to invest time, effort, and money to complete tasks. A plug-and-play office or shop arrives fully equipped and ready to use, so you can get to work right away. The only disadvantage is that you can't modify the store or office as much as you'd want, and the rent is steeper than for locations that don't come with any facilities.

Understand the Requirements 

Before you begin looking for a place, make a list of your prerequisites. Is your company in need of parking, a loading dock, commercial licensing, wheelchair accessibility, expanding space, or any other structural requirements? It's critical to consider not only the company's current demands but also what the company may require in the future. For example, if you want to go from 20 people to 100 or 200 in two years, you'll need to rent a place that will allow you to expand as needed, i.e. the building must have that choice and have extra floor space available.

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Licensing and Safety Requirements

When you discover a location you want, make sure you ask the landowners if the property is in the appropriate zone (commercial or residential) and if they have the necessary permits so you may run your business without worry. This is best done by a lawyer, who can also counsel you on what else is needed and what you can't live without.

Remember that if your company lacks the necessary permits, you risk being fined significantly or possibly shut down by government officials. Check the construction of the building to verify whether it fulfills the building requirements necessary for your business's security and that of your employees. Fire safety and sanitation problems such as waste processing and control are crucial. You will not be allowed to open if your business facility does not comply with these regulations.

You won't have any trouble discovering the ideal business rental properties in India if you keep these essential things in mind.