So you're an NRI or have an NRI in your family, and you own or intend to buy a property in India. Are you concerned about how you will handle this long-distance connection with your property? Who will maintain your property while you are away on business in a foreign country?

All of these concerns are valid; managing a home while living overseas is not a simple process. This is a common issue for NRIs, causing unnecessary stress. The solution is to engage a property management firm in India, such as BivocalBirds Real Estate Company in Noida, to handle all of your property needs.

What is Property Management?

Property management is the proper monitoring, maintenance, control and taking care of the property. It mainly takes place in residential, commercial, and other real estate buildings.

Today, there are specialist companies that can not only look after your property but also provide a variety of value-added services such as finding tenants to create passive revenue in the form of rent for you. These businesses are referred to as Property Management Companies.

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Benefits of NRI Property Management Services

Owning a home in India while living abroad might be difficult. With so many complications, such as illegal encroachments, keeping the land clean, paying taxes on time, and maintaining the property is not as simple as it appears. If you intend to rent the property, finding a reliable renter, confirming the tenant, collecting the rent on a regular basis, and keeping an eye on the property may be quite difficult.

That is precisely why you want property management services. Once you've found a good business, all you have to do is give over the keys and they'll take over all home management chores on your behalf and perform them for you. The services offered are varied from company to company. Let’s take a look.

Regular Check-up of the Property

If your property is unoccupied, the business will pay you a visit on a regular basis to check that everything is in order and that nothing out of the ordinary is going on in and around your property. In addition, if your home is rented, the businesses guarantee that the renter is abiding by the conditions of the lease.

Finding Verified Tenants

If you wish to rent out your house, they can assist you in finding suitable renters. And only after thorough verification, so that there are no problems afterwards. To guarantee that potential tenants have a clean background, the organisations do thorough police verification.

Timely Collection of Rent

We're sure you don't enjoy phoning your renters each month to remind them to pay their rent. When you choose Property Management Services, you can just sit back, relax, and watch the money be transferred each month. It also entails making certain that the renter pays the energy and water bills on time.

Interiors, Repairs, & Maintenance

Planning to rent out your house to a company and concerned about how to have the interiors done properly and affordably? Or concerned about who will handle future repairs and upkeep. A competent property management firm, on the other hand, will complete all of these tasks quickly and at a reasonable rate.

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Utility Bill Payments and Coordination with Agencies

When you lease out your property, the firm makes certain that the utility bills are paid on time. In addition, the firm manages all of your responsibilities, such as property taxes, khata, and so on.

Why an NRI need a property management company?

Are you still debating whether you should engage a Property Management Company to manage your property? So, here's a checklist to help you decide whether you should hire a property management company:

At distance from your property

Being an NRI implies that you are too far away from your property to handle it on your own. You may have a friend, relative, or a liaison to manage it, but they too have their own responsibilities. As a result, your property suffers. It's time to take control of the situation and employ a property management firm!

No time to have a check on your property

With today's busy work, family, and children, you may not have enough time to check on your home. The same may be said about your mediator. You may have to remind them to inspect the property several times.

A property management firm, on the other hand, does not need to be reminded to perform these tasks. It is the responsibility of any professional firm to conduct an inspection, create reports, and keep you updated.

Possessing multiple properties

As if one property wasn't enough of a pain, several properties equal a massive headache. Without a doubt, you earn a large rental income, but at the expense of your peace of mind. It is, however, an everyday occurrence for a competent property management firm. They have a staff of specialists that manage each of your properties and provide you with property-specific reports.

Help to rent your property

So you want to rent out your house. But where and how will you market your home? How would you present your house to potential tenants? What criteria will you use to determine the appropriate rent for your property? How will you obtain tenant police verification? If you are concerned about these concerns, you should absolutely engage a property management firm to handle everything on your behalf.

Difficulty in managing tenants

Do you want someone to make sure the rent is paid on time? or want to check that the renter is adhering by the terms of the lease? Do you want someone to handle routine maintenance and repairs? Do you want to ensure that the house vacates without a hitch when you want it to? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will need to engage a property management firm.

Have less knowledge of the laws

Laws and rules are destined to alter in an ever-changing environment. And it may be difficult for you to keep up with everything. We're confident you don't want to end yourself on the wrong side of the law. As a result, employing a property management firm allows you to seamlessly handle all of your tax and legal concerns linked to the property.

You require a dependable partner to optimise your profit

Property rents and selling prices vary from city to city, neighbourhood to neighbourhood, and even location to location. So, pricing less may result in a loss of a decent profit, while charging too much may turn off potential tenants or purchasers. Property Management Companies inspect your property, its surrounds, and the typical rent/sale price in the region to advise you on how to optimise your return on investment.

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Other value added services

Some businesses also offer value-added services such as interior design, furniture assembly, and whitewashing, among other things.

Picking the right property management company

So, you've decided to employ a property management firm. Now comes the difficult task of deciding on the best property management firm. Because your property is very important to you, make certain that it is in the correct hands.

Introducing BivocalBirds

A leading NRI Property Management Company in India. BivocalBirds is a one-stop outsourcing powerhouse for all aspects of effective online interior service. It offers value-added services such as Interiors Services for Rentals in addition to Property Management Services for NRIs.

Main services offered by BivocalBirds:

Marketing and Advertising (the action of renting out a property)

Rent collection & Security Deposit

Assistance in possession

Key management

Property Maintenance

Tenancy Management

White Wash

Why choose BivocalBirds for interior services?

• Easy payment plan

• Best quality with competitive price

• Regular updates with development photographs

• Regular visits to the site by the relationship manager

• Showcasing unit for rent

• Project facility coordination

• Safety at all times

If you are at a distance and looking for property management for your firm. Visit BivocalBirds.