Unsettling as it is, moving to a new place on your own might be even more daunting. It's nice to have a roommate, but it's not always simple to locate the right one.

So, as you set out to look for the ideal roomie, here are a few things you should sort out with him/her before you find someone to share a flat with.

Reach out to your Network

When you decide to find a roommate for yourself think about your contacts. He/she can be your Office College or friend. Even students and working professionals live together if they know each other. So talk to your contacts before deciding to share apartment for rent.

Put an Advertisement

If in case you have no person in touch to live with. Put you requirement on ad and showcase your type that you are looking for. You can even make use of some of the housing portals like BivocalBirds to display your ad for flatmate(s) if you are already living in a flat on rent in Noida.

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Set a Meeting Time

When you get a list of the potential flatmate(s), set your preferable time to meet that person at your preferable location. State your requirements and come over a mutual consent. For example, you may not like to switch on the lights at night but your prospective flatmate(s) might be a student and want to study at night by switching the lights on.

Are you a Neat Freak?

We believe that you are not a “germaphobe” but cannot tolerate messy surroundings at any cost.

If you are a hygienic person and you don’t like to clutter your space you need to put stress over it. Talk about this to your prospective flatmate(s) and live only if he/she is too your type.

Dividing Household Chores

Talk about this! This is the main thing that you need to discuss before you share a flat with someone. Things become intolerable if the person is not cooperative in the household chores. You can even make a contract based on this part. You need to put forward how you both will manage the household jobs. For example if you are good at cooking, your roomie will do the prior preparations.

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Dietary Preferences

If you like to have veg and your prospective roomie is a non veg you must talk over this. If you are alright with your roomie eating non veg but not in cooking it over there in your flat you must tell him/her about this.

Expenses Sharing

Talk over expense sharing. You should decide a monthly budget keeping in mind the expense need. The household requirements will be fulfilled from this budget only. The left amount out of the spent budget can be kept for the next month expenditure.

Visit of their Guests

The situation gets murky here! You might feel stressed if your roomie’s guests are not so comfortable to live with. It becomes hard to live with them in some of the cases. You both can talk over that and can cooperate over this part when you are at your hometown. A mutual understanding is needed from both the ends.

House Parties

Before getting into the party mode, putting up your speakers, and packing the fridge with beer, it's a good idea to discuss it with your roommate, just in case they prefer a quiet night in.

Other Preferences

If you are not alright with some of the habits like smoking or drinking you need to talk openly over that with your roomie. This is going to create a trouble for you in the future.


It is preferable that you find someone who is more similar to you in all the concerns that you have. We hope that you will keep in mind all the tips given by us before living with your roomie.

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