Today, there are a number of commercial spaces available in Delhi NCR. This is the reason it is crucial to know what kind of place is right for you. If the existing location of your company isn't appropriate now for some reason, then it's time to take a new space in Delhi NCR on rent. However, business owners should consider various things to get the right building in the area.

 If you have a smaller space in the office with a massive number of members or the location is not too good, so search a new space is the right decision. Making a change in the location can enhance the work productivity of your business, which leads to generating more revenue. You should pay attention to some tips to make the right decision regarding renting a commercial space. 

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Read the Terms and Conditions for Renting 

Before deciding to get a commercial space for your office, read all the building owners' terms and conditions. It will be beneficial for both tenants and owners as if any issue happens in the future; then there will be no confusion due to pre-fixed decisions. The owner usually includes a few crucial aspects in terms and conditions to give rent a commercial space, including:

  • A monthly amount of rent 

  • Agreement’s lock-in period

  • How much cost of rent will increase every year

  • The time period in which the landlord can't force the tenant to leave the place

  • Rights to sub-lease or sub-let

  • Tax deduction at source (TDX) 

  • The clause for terminating and exiting the agreement 

As you are going to get a commercial space for rent, you need to understand all terms and conditions to make the right decision. This will help you determine whether you can follow these conditions. 

If yes, then you can successfully rent this particular space. However, remember, usually, commercial building owner pays all kinds of property taxes. On the other hand, tenants are supposed to pay the costs of maintenance of the building and other bills like water and electricity. 


Look for prime locations, as it has a great impact on your business. However, they come with a high rental cost but provide a lot of benefits to your company. Go for top-notch locations in Delhi NCR, such as:

  • Okhla 

  • Connaught Place

  • Nehru Place

  • Bhikaji Cama Place

You will find that all businesses run around these locations are successful and earn huge profits. In addition, if you have just started a business, then choosing these locations is a profitable decision. The reason is that the chances of development around these places are more than in any other location in Delhi. Considering these things, you can successfully rent a commercial space in the area. 

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Consider Your Company's Space Requirement 

It is crucial to keep in mind the total number of workers in the office so that you can evaluate the space according to per person. This will help a business owner determine the adequate area that meets their office requirement. However, nowadays, many new rules are implemented, like social distancing in the company, which is why having more space is necessary. 

In addition, if one is thinking of expanding the business, then they may need more workers in their company to handle different departments. In this specific situation, having an office with a larger space is important. However, today the latest trend in the market is working from home. Some employees prefer to work from home as it saves their extra expenses, and it is also beneficial for business owners.

 Suppose your staff is on work from home then you can recruit a new employee and there is no need for extra space. A tailored space in the company can add extra customized touch, which may help all workers to enhance their work productivity and also engage them. Moreover, as an owner, you should take into consideration various aspects and analyze the right office space, then sign a deal to get it on rent.