Knowing about significant locations in Delhi NCR for renting a commercial space is necessary for a business owner. Make sure the location you choose is appropriate to your business. In addition, getting the right commercial property on rent may have a massive impact on one's portfolio.

 People should do some research and look for the best locations according to their business as it enhances the revenue. It is advisable that do some research online to know about nearby amenities of various great locations, as it may make a huge difference for your business. 

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There are various commercial projects located in OKHLA, New Delhi. The best thing is that you will find space for your company according to your needs. For example, if you have a need for a smaller space, you can easily get it. 

In contrast, it is a location where one can quickly get larger commercial space on rent. Most of the projects in OKHLA are developed by reputed and top-notch real estate companies. This thing ensures renters that will not have to face any problems associated with maintenance. This location is beneficial for businesses as well as employees in several ways, including:

  • The building is equipped with the latest amenities in order to offer a productive and comfortable work environment.

  • OKHLA is considered a prime location in Delhi NCR that can be beneficial for your company 

  • This specific location is a perfect choice for businesses and companies to establish a great reputation and presence in Delhi NCR.

Mayur Vihar 

Mayur Vihar is indeed one of the ideal locations for commercial purposes in Delhi NCR. Delhi is a prominent city in India and is designed in a way that comes with excellent infrastructure facilities for commercial space. Many owners provide their property on rent to people for their business. 

In addition, several big enterprises are also running their business successfully. In simple words, it is a mini-hub for businesses. Apart from this, there are several other benefits of getting a property on rent in Mayur Vihar, including:

  • The buildings are well connected to big commercial areas in Delhi, NCR

  • Most of the buildings in Mayur Vihar have innovative design that attracts many individuals

  • The project in this area provides great space in the office to accommodate all the needs of businesses

Nehru Place

The nearby area of Nehru place is known as the most prominent IT Market in Asia. It is a great commercial space for renting for many IT-related businesses. Thus, if your company is associated with the IT sector, then no other location is better than Nehru Place. This is a perfect location for more giant enterprises that want space to rent for their businesses. In addition, you will find a number of software and hardware products at affordable prices in the Nehru Place market. There are many projects that come with various amenities. 

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 Shalimar Bagh

Shalimar is a fantastic location in terms of sustainable commercial space in Delhi NCR. No doubt, it is an excellent area in the northwest part of Delhi for businesses. Various blocks in the buildings in Shalimar Bagh make it easier for employees and employers to communicate. One of the best facts to get commercial space on rent in Shalimar Bagh is that employees can easily reach their office due to the great assistance of various transportation, including:

  • Bus 

  • Metro 

  • Railway Station 

  • Airport 

  • Cab

In addition, workers who come with their own vehicle in the office can also provide great assistance. They will find a big parking space in the Shalimar Bag, which is completely safe and secure. You will find a great environment in this location as it is pretty engaging for the employees to come and work with huge interest. Employees can enjoy their break time in the Shalimar garden, which is also known as Mughal Garden. It is a great space to feel relaxed and get back with double the energy to work. 

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