Diwali, the festival of lights, represents the end of darkness and the beginning of a new beginning that illuminates every home and enlightens every heart. We must apply the same principles to our apartment complex and housing society in order to make everyone happy. We have the impression that persons in a modern apartment complex who live near to each other but do not interact with one another are still living in darkness. This Diwali, all neighbours must get together to celebrate a new beginning and to put an end to the darkness with colourful lights. Diwali celebrations should be underway in every nook and cranny of the housing society.

1. Send greetings and gifts.

On Diwali, people joyfully decorate their homes with earthen lights and create Rangoli on the floor. Not to mention that some people share greetings and gifts with one another. So, if you're having trouble breaking the ice, here's a quick tip. When we celebrate Diwali with our neighbours, we receive twice as many gifts and sweets, as well as the love of our neighbours. This Diwali, start by sharing gifts with your neighbours. You'll get to know one other better this way, and you'll both feel more at ease. One person and one good idea can make this celebration even brighter and more attractive.

2. Motivate neighbours to perform housework.

Diwali preparations begin with house cleaning and decoration within the home. House cleaning may not be something that many of us enjoy doing, but we can make it enjoyable by working together. Within the Neighbium society management app, create a new group called "Diwali decorations and cleaning." Whenever you make an effort to clean and decorate your home before Diwali, such as decorating with paper lanterns or flower bowls, please submit your image within the app so that it not only inspires others but also helps everyone gain additional ideas.

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3. Illuminate your entire apartment complex, not just your home.

Diwali is the festival of lights, and the market is brimming with lighting options at this time of year. So, why not light up your neighbourhood this holiday season? String lights can be used to illuminate the doors and trees. They're the perfect way to add some bling to your door and will undoubtedly make Diwali guests feel welcomed. Also, decorate the front gate and give your apartment complex a festive makeover. You can also adorn the society's entrance gate with fresh flowers such as marigolds and mogras.

Keep a plant in a brightly coloured pot outside your house, decorate it with fairy lights, and encourage your neighbours to do the same. 

4. Designate places for the use of firecrackers.

While fireworks adorn the evening sky and are a joy to behold, they should not be lit in tight pathways such as balconies or open spaces just outside people's homes, as this can result in severe fires. You should share this message with everyone in your community. The managing committee should designate areas where firecrackers can be lit, and all members should be made aware of this via the society notice board. Important safety precautions, as well as common locations where firecrackers should not be lit, such as balconies, staircases, parking lots, and lawns, should be included in the Diwali notice. 

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5. Value Indian food and culture

Diwali is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who wants to learn about Indian culture and consume Indian food. And people love to eat a lot of sweets. Neighbours can prepare several specialty cuisines and assemble for a large Diwali party, dancing to Bollywood music and eating an abundance of Indian cuisine.

6. Create Rangoli patterns

Rangoli is a colourful, Indian folk art design that is a symbol of joy and happiness that is drawn on the floor during the auspicious festival of Diwali, as we all know. A Rangoli should be drawn at the entrance doors of every dwelling. Furthermore, certain society members can work together to design Rangoli outside of society associations and religious sites such as temples. Rangoli patterns can also be painted on an outside play area or pavement with colourful chalks.

Enjoy this beautiful Diwali safely at your home and don’t forget to avail of our offers of Diwali.

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