Leasing a vacant house is a great way to supplement your income. Making a rent agreement is unavoidable before renting out a home. A rent agreement, often known as a lease agreement, is a legal document that certifies that you have leased property to a lessee. When signing a lease agreement, you must be exceedingly cautious. Nevertheless, it is commonly seen that the work of drafting a lease agreement is entrusted to a real estate agent. Copying and pasting from an old existing rent agreement are done by the property agent.

Any inaccuracy in a lease contract makes an owner's life difficult. There have been documented situations when a landlord's ability to resolve legal disputes or deal with fraudulent tenants has been hampered by legal errors in a rent agreement. If you intend to rent your house, here are the top frequent blunders to prevent while negotiating a lease contract.

Tenure of Agreement

It is critical to include a rental period in the rental contract. Any error here might cost the landlord a lot of money. If you're renting a house, you should sign a leave and license agreement for an 11-month term. In the event of a factory, office building, mall, or cinema, the lease time might be prolonged.

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Termination Period

The termination clause and period of notice in a lease contract should be stated clearly. The termination clause must be two-sided, saying that the agreement can be terminated by any party at any time for any reason. A one-month or three-month notice period is enforced.

The Lock-in Clause

The exclusion of a lock-in clause is a frequent error in contracts. A lock-in provision states that the tenant is not allowed to leave the rental unit before a certain duration of time has passed. If a tenant chooses to vacate the rented property before the lock-in time expires, he or she must pay the rental amount for the lock-in period as indicated in the lease agreement.

Security-deposit Clause

The value of the security deposit and the terms of the refund should be explicitly stated in the contract. It should clearly state under what circumstances the deposit money will be withdrawn.

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Clause of Payment

The contract should specifically state the rent amount and the payment time limit. You should also provide the payment method, such as cash, check, or online transfer.

Payment Default Clause

Payment default or payment delayed clauses should be expressly stated in the contract. It should state the appropriate penalty amount as well as the consequences of failure.

Clause of Subletting

It's risky not to include a subletting clause in the contract. You are enabling a bad renter to sublease the property by not providing a subletting provision. In the exclusion of this condition, the tenant is free to sublet the premises to anybody they choose.

Repairs During Occupancy

The rent agreement should precisely include the repair provision. It should specify who will be in charge of the repairs. It should also state how long the occupier is accountable for ensuring damage for repair.

The clause on Dispute Resolution

The rent agreement shall say explicitly the dispute resolution jurisdiction. It will be useful in the event of a landlord-tenant conflict.

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Clause for General Nuance

The lease agreement should include a section preventing the tenants from making noise, doing illegal acts, or causing disturbance to the neighbors. It should also specify what action will be taken in such circumstances.

If you are unfamiliar with all of the provisions and are having difficulty obtaining a rental agreement, you should seek professional advice. These people are familiar with all of the legal criteria for entering into a rental agreement and hence will be an excellent value for your money.