Moving lock, stock, and barrel from one location or city to another has become the norm. People move often for a variety of reasons, the most common of which is to live in leased apartments, followed by job advances. 

People have enough luggage and possessions to migrate after a few years of living alone. Movers and packers are in high demand for the relocation of homes, offices, and businesses. Individuals consider a variety of things before enlisting the help of these experts. One must use considerable caution while selecting movers and packers in India. 

Things to Consider when Choosing Movers and Packers: 

Do you realise that the majority of local movers and packers lack the necessary permits to operate? If they are local businesses that transport products inside the city, they are unlikely to have a physical location. What assurance do you have that your home items and valuables will arrive safely? Whether you're relocating inside the state or beyond state lines, you need to know that your products will arrive safely. With so many new packaging businesses entering the market, it's understandably difficult for customers to pick the best one. ​

1. Authenticity of the Firm 

A legitimate business will have all of the necessary licences and paperwork. When they come to see you, they'll even bring a couple of copies with them. Registration numbers are required on the invoices created, and you may also verify their trade licences and service tax information. 

2. Background Checking 

Inquire about their previous customers. Do not depend on their website's or client list's testimonials. Speak with genuine customers who have utilised their services in the past to determine their packing expertise. 

3. Expertise and Experience 

Are they fresh to the market and business, or have they been there for a while? You may also think about the prior two points while thinking about this one. It's worth a shot if the movers and packers are new but have a long list of pleased clients, affordable pricing, and the necessary paperwork. Small shifting initiatives are sometimes taken for granted by seasoned and large brands, who fail to deliver excellent service. Make your expectations clear and communicate them to the provider. 

When it comes to relocating a business setup from one site to another, the regulations are different than when it comes to transferring residences. Before you make a decision, find out if the movers and packers have expertise in commercial space relocation or packing and moving home items. 

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4. Team of the Workers 

Is the firm providing its own staff of expert packers or has the work been outsourced? If they have subcontractors, you must have a clear understanding of the number of individuals arriving for packing, as well as their identities and identification numbers. This is critical for your personal safety. It's also not straightforward to use stretch films, corrugated sheets, and manage the positioning of various products in corrugated boxes. It is necessary for the Packers to have prior expertise in this area. A professional crew will accomplish your task in less time and with greater elegance, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. 

5. Cost-Effectiveness 

This is a clear criterion for selecting movers and packers. The first strategy is to compare rival rates on a regular basis. Don't choose the first seller that offers you the best deal. Your selection must also be based on the factors listed above. 

How bivocalbirds Shifts you easily through our Movers and Packers Services.

• We make sure that you don’t have to pay the whole amount in advance and make the full payment only after the procurement of the services. 

• There is a probability that your stuff in one area can get mixed into some other space of the home. We do colour BOPP taping to mark the uniqueness in the belongings of one space to another. This helps our customers to unpack and arrange their luggage. 

• We ensure the proper tracking of your goods that are on the way for shifting to the prospective location. 

• Safety is our first priority. We ensure a good quality packing material that includes bubble wraps, corrugated boxes, stretch film and BOPP tapes. This ensures proper handling and doesn’t damage the fragile products. 

• We enable customer support that facilitates our customers to shift their luggage to the desired destination. 

• We provide support till the last step of the moving and packing of your luggage. Our team also tick off the checklist once they reach the destination to ensure the safe handling of your luggage. 

Have a happy and safe shifting with through our mover and packers at reasonable prices.

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