Gaur City is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most popular real estate and housing development cities located in the Noida extension. Due to its prime location and amazing infrastructure, Gaur city is becoming a center of attraction for some of the most recognizable builders and real estate firms for their respective projects. When we talk about upcoming metro connectivity and current infrastructure, the greater Noida west has its own charm.

Gaur city- A perfect choice for residents

Check out these reasons to choose Gaur city.

Gaur city is huge!

One of the biggest townships of the area, Gaur City 1 is 125 acres in size with finely built 7 apartments named from 1st to 7th avenue. Moreover, 3 major parks make this place more and more beautiful and peaceful, this huge township is divided into two parts Gaur City 1 and Gaur City 2.

Commercial complex

Gaur city 1 has 4 amazing commercial complexes (2 of them are major) and One of them is Galaxy Plaza that stands right in front of the main gate of Gaur city 1, and another one is City Plaza that is located in front of 4th avenue. You don't really need to go for a long drive if you want to shop for groceries, or you have some banking or ATM-related work. In addition to this, there are some small eateries and big restaurants available in City Plaza.  

Gaur city is densely populated

When we talk about Gaur city 1, it's home to more than 10,000 families, various real estate developers, and builders have constructed residential and commercial projects here. AIG Park Avenue, Saya Zion, Luxurious Green Villas, Mascot Golfside Homes, Rising Star 2, Arsh Noble Homes- just to name a few.

In this township, Gaur city 2 occupies an area of around 112 acres with 5 residential apartments named from 8th to 12th avenue. Adela Raj Residency, Angels Casa Woodstock, SAM India Palm Olympia, Bulland Elevates, Aishwaryam, Raksha Addela, Aastha Greens are just a few of those many projects developed here.  

Why residents should choose this township?

·         This is a place with modern amenities, some of the finest facilities that promise a luxurious living.

·         Banks and ATMs are within the township, no need to go to a distance for your banking work.

·         3 large departmental stores, 7 screen multiplex, and,multi-cuisine restaurants- all in one place.

·         A well-constructed project with various modes of transportation.

·         As compared to Noida and Delhi, here you can find some lower price points that make it a great option for residents.

·         The township is populated and you can enjoy festivals and occasions with your neighbors.

Some downsides

·         No transformer is available in the township that creates problems at times.

·         Power cut-off is a common problem here, most apartments have power backup which costs 15 INR per unit.

·         In the evening, you can find this place a little messy as various cars are parked in the parking lot as well as on the roadside. Sometimes, this leads to traffic jams and you may need to wait in long queues to reach your destination.

·         You won't find a clubhouse here.

·         Security measures are not up to the mark, and the township is surrounded by villages.

The bottom line

In the end, we can sum it up by saying that Gaur city in Noida has some of the finest amenities and services, of course, there are some downsides. The township has best in class features and a great option for residents.

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