Your living room is one of the most used rooms in the house. You can unwind on your own, spend quality time with loved ones, and entertain guests in this space. With such heavy use, a living room can quickly become filthy. When you have a knowledge of cleaning the living room in a proper way you can give that space as undivided attention and work effectively for results.

Assemble your cleaning supplies​​

When you begin your cleaning project by gathering all of the supplies and equipment that you will need to complete the job correctly, you will be able to finish it much faster. Furniture polish, glass cleaner, a vacuum with multiple attachments, at least two microfiber cloths, and a small trash bag are among the items required.

Put things back in their proper places

Throw away any miscellaneous waste that may have accumulated on the coffee table or in other areas. Simply put your trash in your small bag. Keep the bag nearby in case you come across any additional waste while cleaning.

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Gather Laundry-Related Items

You won't need to launder your living room's items every week, but you should plan to clean items like Afghans and throw pillows every few weeks. If you have pets who spend a lot of time on the furniture, you may need to clean it more frequently.

Scrub the Hard Surfaces

The hard surfaces, such as the coffee table, entertainment centre, and end tables, should then be dusted. Remove everything from these surfaces and lightly spray the furniture polish on them. Wipe the spray away with a microfiber cloth. This cloth of microfiber can also be used for cleaning knickknacks, picture frames, plant pots, and other things.

Clean glass table tops, glass frames on pictures, interior windows, and their trim pieces, and other related surfaces with the other microfiber cloth and glass cleaner. Wipe down the bases of lamp fixtures and the faces of light switches with the microfiber cloth you have in your hand.

Mop and Sweep

If you have hard flooring in your living room, such as tile or wood planks, the next step is to sweep the entire floor. For the most thorough results, make sure to get underneath the tables, sofa, and chairs. In general, only a slightly damp mop should be used to clean wood planks. Excess moisture will deteriorate the planks. Alternatively, a dry microfiber mop can be used to clean the floor.

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Get the Vacuum Out

The sofa, chairs, ceiling fan blades, carpeting, and area rugs will all be cleaned with your vacuum. As a general rule, begin cleaning above your head. To begin, use a vacuum attachment to suction away dust from the ceiling fan blades. A thick layer of dust can accumulate on top of the blades, where it is not visible. Keep in mind to vacuum all surfaces. Clean the outside of the air vent with the attachment tool. If the air filter appears to be dirty, it is time to replace it. Then, to remove dust bunnies and cobwebs, vacuum the corners where the walls meet the ceiling.

Clean the surfaces of your upholstered furniture while the attachment is still attached to the vacuum cleaner. Remember to suction crumbs and other debris from the cushions' sides. A vacuum cleaner can be used.

Remove the attachment tool once you've finished using it. Vacuum both the carpeted area and the area rugs. Move lighter furniture out of the way if possible so that you can clean underneath. This includes the coffee table as well as the end tables.

Get Ready for Next Week

This procedure will have to be repeated the following week. The last thing you want to do is start your cleaning project by cleaning all of your supplies and materials. Now is the time to empty the vacuum cleaner's dust bin and wash your microfiber cloths. Return the furniture polish and glass cleaner to their original locations.

While there are several necessary steps for cleaning your living room, you can usually complete each step in a few minutes or less. Remember to follow all of the steps for comprehensive results in your living room. If you are looking for a house with a spacious living room visit BivocalBirds.

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