Do you have the impression that your kitchen is always cluttered? Tired of how limited the available space is? We're sure you feel helpless with more things to store and less space to keep them. However, with these simple organisation hacks and space-saving ideas, you can make your kitchen more functional while also looking effortlessly chic.

Cut Down Over the Supplies

Take a moment to reflect on how you live and consume before you embark on your crusade to maximise storage space in your kitchen. Are you purchasing more than you require? Do you keep things in your fridge that you rarely use? We recommend that you start by reducing your supply. This will not only prevent food waste but will also instill the good habit of purchasing only when absolutely necessary. Furthermore, limited food means you don't snack at odd you can say goodbye to an unfit, unhealthy body.

Use of Hooks

Hooks can be used to hang items that take up shelf space and do not stack well. Consider pots, pans, cutlery, bags, cups, sachets, and even kitchen decor. You could hang hooks on the wall, cabinets, or even the window—just make sure the location and height are easily accessible. Suspending items will help free up space in cabinets, where bulky items can be stored.

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Adding Extra Shelves

Add extra shelves to double the space instead of having deep cabinets stacked high with pots and dishes. Add shelves or shelf risers to increase vertical storage. You won't have to cram items into an already crowded cabinet this way. You can also better organise your utensils.

Try Vertical

If you don't have enough space in your small kitchen to add storage, look to the walls for ideas. Walls are a blank canvas that can be used to store a variety of trinkets. You can hang frequently used kitchenware on a pegboard. Installing a hanging pot rack or an open shelf on a wall not only adds visual interest but also makes things appear more decluttered. Consider adding cabinets all the way to the ceiling—just make sure they're painted the same colour as the walls so they don't stand out and make the room appear smaller.

Use Wire Baskets for Cabinet Doors for Storage

When it comes to storage, the possibilities are endless, such as the inside of your cabinet doors. Installing wire racks on the inside of your cabinet not only adds storage but also helps to keep your kitchen looking clean. These baskets can be used to store spices, measuring spoons or knives, pots, lids, and other items.

Try Pantry on Wheels

We understand that a small kitchen cannot accommodate a pantry. However, this does not preclude you from having one. Consider using a rolling storage cart for your canned goods, bottles, oils, and other items. This adaptable storage unit can be wheeled in and out as needed, and it doesn't have to take up valuable kitchen space.

Use Double Bowl Sink

The purpose of having a double bowl sink is to make dishwashing convenient and dry the utensils without cluttering the space of the counter.

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