Your credit score plays a big role when trying to rent an apartment. Landlords often check applicants' credit reports to gauge their reliability and risk level. They want reassurance you will pay rent responsibly each month.

While requirements vary, you typically need a credit score of at least 650-700 to improve your chances of approval for an apartment rental. The higher your score, the better. An excellent credit score (750+) makes you a very attractive tenant.

Here’s a deeper look at how credit score affects qualification criteria and rental rates when leasing an apartment:

Why does Credit Score Matter for Renting?

Landlords look at your credit report and score to estimate the likelihood that you:

  • Make rent payments on time each month

  • Follow apartment rules and avoid complaints

  • Pay additional fees like security deposits as required

  • Don’t damage property or abruptly move out

It provides insight into your past financial behaviour - do you manage money responsibly or accumulate debt and avoid payments? This helps assess if you are a low or high-risk tenant.

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What is a Good Credit Score for Renting an Apartment?

A credit score below 600 is usually not sufficient to qualify for an apartment. Scores of 600-649 may require a higher security deposit or co-signer with better credit.

A score of 650-699 is generally adequate to meet the minimum criteria for most apartment rentals, especially at large complexes with many units. You may still face restrictions like paying 2-3 months of rent upfront.

Aim for a score of 700-750 or higher for the most favourable terms. Many landlords prefer 700+ for approval. At 750+, you should have your choice of apartments with a standard one month security deposit and no need for a guarantor.

How is Credit Score Checked for Rental Applications?

Landlords do not just consider the numerical credit score but review the full credit report, including:

  • Payment history - Any late payments, collections or defaults?

  • Credit mix - Do you have experience managing different types of credit like credit cards, auto loans etc?

  • Credit age - Have you shown the ability to use credit responsibly over a long period?

  • Inquiries - Too many applications for new credit may signal risk.

  • Total debt - Overall, the debt burden should be manageable relative to your income.

Address inaccuracies or errors on your credit report before submitting a rental application. Be ready to provide explanations or additional documentation if requested. Proactively improving your credit score ahead of time will produce better results.

How to Build Credit to Rent an Apartment?

Getting approved for an apartment rental often requires a credit score of 650 or higher. If your current score falls short, take heart - it is possible to build and improve credit over 6-12 months with diligence.

  1. First, be meticulous about paying all bills and obligations on or before the due date every single time. Set up reminders and automate payments whenever possible. Late payments severely drag down credit scores, so consistency is key.

  2. Next, keep credit card and loan balances low relative to the approved limits and original principal. High credit utilization percentages hurt your creditworthiness. Aim to keep revolving balances below 30% of the total limit.

  3. Open a secured credit card if needed to begin establishing a positive payment history, and mix different types of credit like instalment loans and credit cards. Lenders want to see if you can manage different credit facilities responsibly over time.

  4. Avoid closing old unused credit cards as available credit helps your score, even if untouched. Similarly, limit applying for too many new credit cards or loans within a short span. Numerous applications signal desperation and depress your credit score.

  5. Regularly review credit reports and immediately address any errors or discrepancies you uncover. Dispute unrecognized accounts or debits promptly to fix your record.

  6. If any past unpaid dues were truly erroneous or due to extenuating circumstances, sincerely appeal to creditors requesting correction or removal from your credit history. Some may oblige if the dispute is valid.

With diligence and smart financial habits, you can boost your credit score to where it needs to be for rental approval. Paying bills on time, limiting debt and monitoring credit reports are crucial steps. Proper money management will continue strengthening your financial profile over the long run as well.

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The Bottom Line

Your creditworthiness plays a pivotal role in the apartment application process. Invest time and effort into building your credit history by maintaining responsible money management habits. A strong credit score not only unlocks rental approval but many other financial doors, like favourable loan terms for your dream home someday.

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