A well-crafted rental application letter can greatly boost your chances of getting approved by impressing the landlord upfront. It provides an opportunity to highlight why you are an ideal tenantbeyond just qualifications on paper. Here are tips for writing an effective rental application letter that persuades the property owner to lease you the apartment:

Open with a Formal Salutation

A proper salutation sets the right formal tone from the beginning. Find out the appropriate contact - whether property manager, leasing agent or owner - and address them politely by name and title:

Dear Mr/Ms (Name),

I am writing regarding the (apartment name/number) rental recently listed on (source). I am very interested in leasing this apartment and believe I would be an excellent tenant.

Introduce Yourself Concisely

The first paragraph is your chance to make a strong impression. Provide key details about yourself in 2-3 lines:

  • Profession/employer

  • Length of time in the city

  • Current neighborhood

  • Family size, if relevant

For example, I am a marketing manager at XYZ Corp and have lived in Denver for three years. Currently, I reside in the Cap Hill area in a 1-bedroom apartment with my spouse and young daughter.

Providing relevant context upfront, such as your job, lifestyle, household size, and current neighbourhood, gives the landlord insight into who you are beyond just being a name on paper. This introductory snapshot already begins building your profile as a stable, responsible prospective tenant.

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Explain Why You Want This Rental

Next, state clearly why you are interested in this particular rental property in 1-2 sentences. Is it location, amenities, size, affordability or a combination? Tailor the reason to match what is emphasized in the listing.

For instance, We are looking to move to the Highlands neighbourhood for its family-friendly atmosphere, proximity to parks and access to public transportation for our work commutes. This apartment immediately caught our eye, given the extra bedroom space and beautifully updated kitchen.

By explaining your interest in the property’s specific characteristics and area, you show that it meets your living preferences and situation. This positions you as someone who has thoughtfully considered why the apartment is a great fit, not just applied randomly.

Highlight Qualifications and Attributes

This section forms the crux of your pitch, explaining why you are qualified, financially stable and will be a responsible tenant. Cover key points like:

  • Steady employment/income with details and duration

  • Good credit score

  • Clean rental history with no complaints or evictions

  • Non-smoker, quiet lifestyle

  • Ability to provide all required deposits, fees, and rent

Where possible, quantify details - e.g. 700+ credit score, $5000 available for a security deposit, etc. Provide references or additional documents if relevant. Keep it concise but compelling. Convince the landlord you are low risk and will pay rent reliably.

Emphasizing qualifications and attributes that make you an ideal tenant is a key purpose of the cover letter. The landlord wants to see evidence that you have the means and intent to pay rent on time, follow building rules, and avoid complaints from neighbours.

Express Enthusiasm to Lease the Property

Close the letter with a sentence reiterating your strong enthusiasm to lease this apartment and make it your new home. This ends the letter positively confirming your definite interest.

For example, My family and I are truly excited at the prospect of making this wonderful apartment our new home. We sincerely hope you will consider us strong candidates and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Thank the Landlord

End with a line of appreciation for their consideration of your application. Convey that you understand they have options and are grateful they are considering your application.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Regards, [Your name]

Wrapping up

With some extra care in crafting a compelling introduction letter highlighting your qualifications, reliability and genuine interest, you can stand out from other applicants. Follow up persistently and respectfully if you don’t hear back within a week. With effort and persuasion, you’ll convince the landlord you’re the ideal choice to lease their property and turn it into your exciting new home.

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