The internet looks to be teeming with ideas that are just not worth the effort, ranging from finding the most attractive premium stencils on the market to pasting corn on a roller frame. It's challenging to think of creative DIY wall painting design ideas. Throughout the years, we've discovered simpler design techniques that result in the most appealing walls—the best news? Most of them are do-it-yourself tasks!

So, whether you're looking for a zoom-call backdrop, a luscious resting place for your bed's hand-picked headboard, or a beautiful location for your Instagram-worthy photographs, we've got you covered — in paint!

1.     The Mandala-yan Era of Do-It-Yourself Wall Painting Design

Speaking of bohemian, what could be more out of the ordinary than hand-painted mandalas on your wall?

You may keep it basic by drawing straight lines with a sharpie. But, speaking from experience, we discovered that a little effort goes a long way toward transforming a blank wall into a work of beauty. Acrylic paints designed specifically for painting murals are an excellent resource for producing this wall design. This complex DIY wall painting design should only be attempted by the most skilled and patient people.

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2.     SpongeBob SquarePants How to Get Textured Walls

Sponge painting is the simplest way to add depth and refinement to your walls. The inherent shapes and sizes of a sponge's pores and bumps allow you to swiftly mix colors while maintaining beauty and refinement as you work.

Begin by painting a solid color of your choosing (in this case, dull blue), then dab a dominant (sky blue) or darker shade (navy or royal blue) of the same color family on the wall by simply dipping your sponge into the paint container and dabbing it on the wall in a few spots.

Don't be scared to choose a strong color decision because, well, bold is the new beautiful. And, at the end of the day, sponge-painting is a highly time-saving and entertaining method, with much too remarkable effects when compared to simple and white walls.

You can also use this approach to create a mood by transforming a blank wall into an ombre wall design with dark shades, light shades, complementary hues, and a dramatic color choice! Begin by painting the darkest color on the wall, then work your way up/down from the cutting edge with the lightest color until you reach the ombre's halfway. Rep this approach for the middle section, starting from the top and working your way down, using your in-between shade of paint.

Sponge painting may be used to make faux painted brick designs, honeycomb designs, and other creative designs that will dramatically alter your environment!

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3.     Add a Splash of Color to Your Boring Walls

Have you ever damaged your table with your coffee cup and marveled at the likeness of the stain to a burst bubble? Here's a do-it-yourself method to obtain that amazing sight on your living room walls! Choose a non-gloss, paintable adhesive wallpaper. Fill a tray halfway with the darkest coffee you've ever brewed and dip the brim or base (depending on size choice) of your coffee cup in it. Create an antique design by stamping the stained brim on the wallpaper. Don't be scared to spill a few droplets; it will just contribute to the wallpaper's rustic design pattern.

4.     Artwork – A Papercut to Save Money

We know how frequently you've wished for symmetrical, beautiful stencil patterns. They may be found in any large city's home improvement magazine. This is how we came up with the ideal solution for your bedroom walls. You may simply personalize them with your chosen colors to complete that stunning color theme that house owners never seem to acquire!

Here's a DIY Stencil art project that can completely transform your space:

Print off a stencil art print of your choice from the internet. Make sure the design is repeating and symmetric when put adjacently. You might also draw whatever image you like. Again, make sure your edges are tidy and your detailing isn't too intricate for a snip.

Trace your design onto a basswood board or a thin piece of plywood. Use a sharp blade or a precise craft knife to cut it. During this operation, make sure to safeguard your worktable from harm.

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