Paint is being replaced by wallpapers in urban India to dress up and preserve walls. However, this has sparked a debate about whether paint or wallpaper is a better choice for your walls.

However, it's impossible to pick a clear winner in the wallpaper vs. paint discussion. It all relies on your requirements and personal preferences. To make an informed selection before being swayed in one direction or the other, consider the following factors when choosing paint and wallpaper. By examining all of these criteria, this article will assist you in determining whether to use wallpaper or paint.

Consider these factors while deciding between paint and wallpaper:

·   Cost

·   Timeframe for application

·   Maintenance

·   Durability

·   Variety

·  Appearance and completion

·  Removal


Though wallpaper installation prices are considerable at first, its long-term durability makes the investment worthwhile. Wallpapers can last up to 15 years and are extremely durable and dependable.

Wall paints, on the other hand, are prone to damage. Paints can endure for 5-6 years on a well-prepared surface, although they will need to be touched up every year or two.


Regardless matter how frequently your wall paints are damaged, these little flaws can be easily concealed by re-painting. Re-painting can also be done to complement your current color scheme. Restoring the flawless wall and re-painting does not necessitate professional assistance and may be completed by you.

On the other hand, wallpaper is prone to tearing and peeling. A little tear will force you to redo the entire stripping and pasting process, which takes longer than re-painting. Even the original wallpaper's spare rolls don't match the faded wallpaper in natural light.

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Wallpaper is only appropriate for certain areas of your home. Wallpaper is a no-no in the kitchen and bathroom. Because of the humidity, wallpaper applied in moist regions can peel or display mildews. It is more suited to places with less wetness and foot traffic, such as dining rooms and bedrooms. If you live in a city with a humid environment, wallpapers are also unsuitable.

Because they have a tendency to repel moisture from their surface, wall paints are excellent for every room. There are also paints and colors that are appropriate for different climates.

Preparation Time:

Choosing the output for both wall paints and wallpapers by preparing your walls.  It takes a long time to prepare the walls for wallpaper installation Damages and blemishes must be repaired first, as wallpapers, tend to showcase flaws in your walls.

Because it conceals the imperfections on your walls, wall paints take very little preparation time.

Appearance and Finish:

Not all colors merge together to create a beautiful effect. The use of haphazard colors on your walls may appear sloppy and out of place. As a result, the number of alternatives for using wall paints is limited, while varieties of paints such as gloss and satin provide the desired finish. Using paints to create a variety of designs and patterns on your interior walls takes time.

There is a limitless choice to pick from now that major developments in digital printing and wallpaper companies have been made. Wallpaper comes in a limitless variety of patterns and styles. Wallpapers allow for the creation of ever more complex textures.

Do you really want to choose one?

Both wallpapers and wall paints have advantages and disadvantages. It takes a long time to prepare the walls for wallpaper installation. When placed in the appropriate position, both create ideal aesthetics. Wall paints, on the other hand, are universally suited because they may be used in various climates and rooms. Wall paints can also be used to refresh the look of your home by painting over existing wallpapers. If you'd want to learn more about painting over wallpaper.

Wallpaper vs Paint: Area-wise usage

Because wallpapers are susceptible to humidity, dampness, and excessive traffic, they are best used in specific sections of the house. As a result, it should not be used in restrooms, kitchens, children's rooms, or lobbies. Bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms are the best places to put them.

For many years in India, paint has been the preferred choice since it can withstand humidity, wetness, and heat. If exposed to the outdoors, however, the paint will begin to peel. That is why, in India's kitchens and baths, tiles are used for wall décor.

Removal of wallpaper vs. paint

Removing paint and wallpaper is a time-consuming task. When it comes to wall paint removal, however, the house will be a lot messier (because of all the dirt flying around) than when it comes to wallpaper removal.