Many people in metropolitan areas who invested in rental properties did not anticipate that parking space would be a major issue between the owner and the tenant. "In a city like Mumbai, one of the most important amenities that tenants look for is adequate parking," says real estate agent Chandrabhan Vishwakarma. Parking spaces have become such an essential component of a rental property that they are one of the most common sources of frustration and conflict between landlords and tenants." This issue is especially acute for tenants of middle-income group (MIG) apartments, who frequently struggle to find parking for their vehicles due to limited space and are forced to park on the street.

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The reason tenants face problems in parking the vehicles

Rohan Talreja, a Gurgaon resident, describes the problem he encountered in his community: "The owner of my flat did not purchase any parking slot." When I first took the flat on rent, there were only a few residents in the building, and I parked my car in the open space on the premises. As people began to take possession of their apartments, the society told me to park my car on the street and threatened to fine me if I parked it inside."

"Very often, societies have inadequate car parking slots, especially open car parking," says Rohit Poddar, MD of Poddar Housing, explaining why this situation is so common. As a result, they would prefer to provide the same to permanent residents."

Many of the tenants in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai don’t prefer living in places where they don’t get parking spaces. Others are content to park on the street as long as it is convenient. People who do not own cars, on the other hand, are unwilling to pay extra for parking facilities. Nirvana Realty’s MD and CEO Punit Agarwal says it become sunfair if a tenant is not allotted a parking space within the campus, even when paid rent for all the amenities. The tenant has full parking privileges on the campus where his apartment is located."

The problem, according to Avnish Yadav, deputy General Manager, residential services, Colliers International India, is due to poor planning, in which parking facilities are built based on the number of units.The parking allotment is generallydone on first come first servce basis in a society. It is also decided by the managing committee with limited parking spaces in a society. It becomes the resposibilitiy of the owner to help out the tenant with parking space.

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What does law state on parking spaces?

A tenant cannot be denied parking under the Development Control Rules enacted under the Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning (MRTP) Act of 1966. According to a Supreme Court decision, a car parking space allotted to the owner can be used by the tenant because he owns it completely. "As per the co-operative societies act, only members can occupy and use parking space," explains Amit Wadhwani, director of Sai Estate Consultants. In the event of excess parking, the committee may rent the space to a resident for a fee. The general body will set the charge, which will be binding on the residents. As the parking rules are governed by the Developmental Control Rules and Fire Acts, a society should not and cannot discriminate, and if the owner is eligible, the tenant should also receive the benefit."

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