Captain of the Indian Cricket Team Virat Kohli and Bollywood diva Anushka Sharma is one of India's most admired celebrity couples.  They have a daughter together named Vamika. The family is living at their Mumbai house since then.  The couple resides in one of the most beautiful locations of Mumbai, i.e. Worli, in a magnificent high-rise flat. 

Virat reportedly acquired this house in 2016 for a whopping amount of Rs. 34 crore. The house is on the 35th floor of a high-rise structure of 7,171 sqft.  This house boasts a beautiful view of the Arabian Sea. The couple often shares a glimpse of their spectacular home through their social media accounts. 

Let’s have a Quick look of their Home through Instagram. 

The beautiful home of Virushka consists of four spacious and enticing bedrooms. There is a private terrace, garden area, and a personal gym, well equipped with all the advanced workout machines. 

Virushka has been seen working out in the gym area together. The captain cool is a known for being a fitness freak and loves working out. Kohli has shared many workout videos and pictures from his indoor gym and garden area on Instagram. 

Their pet dog, who can be seen spending quality time with the couple in their photos and videos, also lives in this luxurious apartment. Virat and Anushka are both animal lovers who have frequently expressed their affection for them. Apart from this, they have a lot of greenery at their home which shows they love nature. 

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An Insight of the Television Hall 

In a video, Virat can be seen imitating a dinosaur, giving us an outlook of the plush corner of their house. The 13 foot high ceiling, zig zag patterned wooden flooring and wood panelled walls give the place a magnificent look. A suede, powder pink coloured lounge chair and a multicoloured hand-woven rug enveloping the part of the floor look classy. 

If you look closely, you can see a black diffuser and a white candle on the low table beneath the couple's television set. Move to the left and you will find an adorable cartoon sketch of their wedding photo. Anushka also mentioned this location in a recent post in which she encouraged her fans to watch her thriller series, Paatal Lok, from which she made her debut as a producer. 

Have a look at Anushka’s favourite Milieu for OOTD snapshots 

While Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli's television room appears to be a worthy location, the actor's go-to spot for pre-red carpet photographs happens to be another corner of her living room. The length of the geometric grey panels on the walls here highlights the apartment's high ceiling, while the Art Deco-style black and white marble flooring provides an elegant contrast. 

Anushka has donned and shared a number of stunning looks against this backdrop, while leaning against the wall or sitting on a chair in front of it. 

A nearby emerald green suede couch with colourful and quirky cushions is made from the same organic fabric as the handmade rug in the television room. 

Another surrounding wall is adorned with an ornate gold floor-length mirror, against which Virat Kohli once shared a video of himself sipping his favourite black coffee. This corner also has large wooden vessels and vibrant artwork. 

The perfect Dressing room of Anushka to Compliment her Beauty 

A well-managed dressing room is all she needs for enhancing her glamorous appearance. The backdrop is black and white psychedelic wallpaper with various prints and patterns, while a chair with vintage floral upholstery sits in front of the dressing table and delivers an interesting contrast against the walls. 

The room's focal point is an oval mirror suspended above the pistachio green dressing table, with makeup lights projected on either side. 

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A Cozy Balcony with a View 

While the home's interiors exhibit a palatial vibe, the balcony area radiates a more relaxed, resort-like vibe. This area has floor-to-ceiling glass windows, wooden flooring, and a glass ledge, which provides Virushka with a beautiful view of the Arabian Sea and appears to be one of Anushka's favourite spots on her days off. This space gives their home a festive makeover with fairy lights and romantic vines, as seen in this Diwali post. ​

Virat shares a Glimpse of their Bedroom 

In a video shared by Virat, a charcoal hued velvet headboard against a textured, light grey wall can be seen. The bed is adorned with finely stacked rows of bright cushions that range from red and blue to tan and floral prints. 

Let’s not miss the Interiors of Virushka’s Living Area 

While some areas of the house are opulent, others appear to have simplified interiors, with plain white walls, checkered wooden windows, and interspersed hanging lamps. Only textured cushion covers and potted plants appear to break up the monochromatic base. 

We even saw old school net chairs in a video in which the couple urged the nation to stay inside and protect themselves and their community. The couple is fond of the artwork, which could be seen across many pictures of their home. 

Anushka and Virat have enjoyed in their plush apartment having enough time together at their home during lockdown. Virat said that many times they could not be available together at their home. One or the other person was out for work. But this lockdown helped them stay together in their lovely home. 

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