Written by: Varisha Jalil

Our Bollywood diva Priyanka Chopra who is now an international star along with her husband, the famous American pop star and actor Nick Jonas has happily moved to their new home last year.

Earlier, Priyanka mentioned in an interview with Vogue that buying a house and having a baby is in their to-do list. By buying this swanky mansion, the couple has ticked off one thing from their to-do list.

They made a big investment into real estate after buying this mansion worth 20 million dollar (Rs. 144 Crore) in Encino, San Fernando Valley in LA. The mansion is spread in 3 acre land facing the hills.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner also bought home near to them in worth 14 million dollar making easy an ad lib family get together. These two investments have been the biggest investments of 2020.

Talking about the Jhopra's mansion, it’s a lavish dream house which everyone is curious to see and explore.

Let’s get an insight into their splashed out home and enjoy the virtual tour:

Priyanka and Nick always wished for their home to be the most comforting and close to nature. It’s a perfect adobe with all the luxuries in it having classy interior.

Their dream home is structured with mirrored walls and is high with double height ceiling so they can enjoy the valley vista to their fullest from dawn till dusk.

Their mansion is built with two lane bowling alley, a film theatre with IMAX screen proportions, a mirror walled spacious gymnasium well equipped with all the latest gym equipments. The couple can be seen working out in their inbuilt gymnasium.

The couple is pet lover and has two dogs named Diana and Gino. Their home is made in a pet friendly manner. 

There is a wet bar space and a basket ball court in their mansion. They also have a lounge room which is underground with a pool counter. 

​The mansion has 7 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms with an infinity pool, an outdoor space and backyard with beautiful mountain vistas.

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Living Room

​Starting with the living room which is carved with cream coloured sofas made of plush fabric, ivory shade wooden floors, fireplace made of stone wall, low heighted lying coffee table, comfortable incliners and floor-to-ceiling windows making it a stunning romantic space. There is a spacious seating arrangement where the couple enjoys spending time together.

The whole space is enticed with shades of white, cream, tan, brown and the stone walls in the background give it a classic charisma to the modern space otherwise. This area also includes tan leather armchairs that sink very easily into it with a creamy coloured rug. The room is filled with warm lighting where the couple enjoys their ad lib get together with their family members and post astonishing photos.

Dining Area

The dining area of couple’s LA home is made of rustic theme with modern look. The living room featured yellowish brown wood paneled wall that separates the dining area from the rest of their house. A large wooden material dining table with eight black leather cushioned chairs where the couple enjoys having delicacies with their guests making it a royal place to eat.


Kitchen is lustrous with cream counter top and white glossy cabinets. The cream and white colour theme is followed in the kitchen too. Here we would share an interesting thing that Priyanka said in an interview with The View

“I can’t cook. I told him that when he proposed. I can make eggs, that’s it,” but this doesn’t mean they don’t use the kitchen area.

Their kitchen opens out their backyard with floor to ceiling windows. Walking outside will capture your eye on the barbeque grill which shows that the couple enjoy its weekend having grilled delicacies.

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Backyard with Infinity Swimming Pool

Backyard of their home offers a dazzling view with one side facing mountains while the other side beaches making it a perfect romantic place for the couple. In the backyard space there is an infinity pool where they can enjoy swimming after a long spent day. The infinity pool is featured with seating arrangement and a cozy corner for their pets too. They enjoy spending time with their pets in this space.

Powder Room

Priyanka could be seen in sharing the SafeHands challenge from her mansion. The theme of her powder room is the same as her living room with textured walls and floral lamps but the colour of this powder room is ivory unlike the kitchen and living room of the LA home. You can spot oval shaped wash basin and a wide mirror with large wooden table in the background.

There is a large room which is possibly the den of the couple is conceptualized with grey stone walls, stark white curtains and beige coloured couches. The room is equipped with a projector wherein the couple enjoys their movie nights.


Library in their mansion could be one of the most peaceful places as it is supposed to be. Jonas very often has been spotted shooting some of his work from home related videos in this corner of the house which is featured with white floor to ceiling bookshelves, all filled with their classic collection.

You can spot an ivory shade chair with the complementary faux fur throw beside which lies a brown shade side table topped with a metallic lamp adding a modern twist to the warm space. There are several indoor plants that can be seen in their library just like kitchen and living room.


The other side of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas's mansion's backyard features an expansive lawn. Jonas loves to fetch Gino at this patch of green. The lawn, facing the ocean, would make an ideal spot for an early morning workout session. The couple has been captured in their work out sessions at the lawn enjoying pushups. Instagram handle has an upload where Priyanka is sitting over Nick Jonas and Jonas is doing pushups.


So this was all about the couples’ LA mansion where they have enjoyed during the lockdown posting awareness videos related to pandemic. Their choice shows their inclination towards nature as they have been more fascinating towards the open spaces and green areas.

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