One of the favourite Bollywood couples, Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan started the preparation of moving into their new house while they were expecting their second child.

After the arrival of their second child, the couple moved into their new house in Satguru Sharan, which is located in Bandra, Mumbai. Previously, the couple was residing in Fortune Heights.

This new house is more spacious and luxurious than the former one. The house is designed by Darshini Shah, a renowned classy interior designer who also designed their old home.

Let's have an insight of Saifeena's dream home:

A Memoir of the Old Space: This new building is close to their old residence, from where they don’t want to move out. They designed the home with a feel of the old pad, but it also meets their new set of requirements with their second baby. She just wants to add on to their old house. Saif and Kareena are fond of reading books. They want their spaces to feel like their journey to be continued…..

Memories of the Journey: Kareena gives emphasis on luxury and comfort and why not? They belong to the royal Pataudi’s clan after all. She likes to give her space a glimpse of her epic journey. Everything she has at her home is collected over time and there is a memory or a story attached to it. Whenever she is sitting nearby these things, she can feel herself to be in that scenario. A glimpse of it can be seen in a picture that is shared by her on her Instagram handle, which shows the bedroom that opens into a spacious terrace. This bedroom has lots of photo frames that are a throwback to their past memories and also giving it a nostalgic theme.

Open Spaces and a Pool to Relax: Since this house is much larger than the previous one, it is more spacious. The house has a lovely green terrace, a big rooftop swimming pool, open outdoor areas and spaces that have been landscaped. Moreover, it has several rooms for each one. It has a beautiful new nursery for the new baby and Taimur’s space, as he is also growing up.

A Decent Library:  Saifeena is very fond of collecting books. Their book collection has moved with them along with their artwork. The huge Library inside the house is very close to Saif as he is very fond of reading. Photo of the giant library can be seen on Kareena’s Instagram handle that has Saif in it as reading a book.

Her Perfect Décor choice: There is a huge flow of new décor. Their new house has beautiful artwork, antiques, candles, and new and stylish furniture, designed with creative arts. Bebo has been fully involved with her new house décor. Even with the progressing pregnancy, she continues to step out to check the stuff and pick up things the way she likes for her dream place. This could be seen on her Instagram story.

Kareena captioned the photo stating, “It’s been a FORTUNE of memories ….on the next …..”Door to new beginnings”. She is overseeing the renovation work by herself. It shows her extreme interest in making a house a home. She is a real trooper and never complains. She also stated once “I do my own thing. And I believe what I do is the right thing.”

The couple seems to be enjoying in their new nest, which they call their dream home. The floor of the house has wooden work that adds to this classy look. The white coloured curtains show that they love to live in a peaceful atmosphere. They have been relishing parenthood for another time in their new home since the moment when they welcomed their new baby.

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