We've compiled a list of simple life hacks that could make your life a little less stressful. Most of these simple tips and tricks can be done without spending any money because you most likely already have most of these items in or around your home. Tell us which one you liked best!

Simple Life hacking things

Warming your mascara wand will make application easier. The liquid has a tendency to clump and dry out, which has an impact on both the application process and the end result. However, make certain that your wand isn't dripping wet!

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How to wear a necktie?

Most people will need to wear a necktie at some point in their lives. It's one of those things that is super easy when you know how, but super confusing when you don't! The pictures below show some simple life hacks that demonstrate how different types of neckties are made.

Removing gum from hairs

We hope that getting gum in your hair never happens to you. If you do find yourself in this unfortunate situation, don't freak out too much. Harden the gum with an ice cube, and it should easily peel away from the hair.

Apply Eyeliner With A Spoon

Placing a spoon on the top of your lid will assist you in getting a perfect line every time.

Easily Pour Dressings

Poke holes in the foil instead of removing it from the dressing or oil. That way, dressing will never come out of the bottle too quickly again. Consider how many calories you'll save!

This is also useful for vegetable oil, rubbing alcohol, and mineral oil.

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Aloe Vera Ice Cubes

Aloe vera already soothes sunburned skin, but imagine how much better it would feel if it was also cold. That's the ultimate sigh of relief.

Use a paper pin to mark the tape

If you use this simple trick, you will no longer have to hunt for the tape's edge. It always marks the spot.

In case you don’t have an eject pin of mobile try this!

You might misplace your eject pin or your phone. Instead of eject pins, use safety pins. A safety pin, like an eject pin, easily ejects your sim.

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