Delhi is the most vibrant place in India. From the huge traffics to the vibrant nights of Delhi, It offers a true delight to its residents. In Delhi, the living cost is different from place to place. While living in a posh location seems costly you share your flat or apartment with the person you are comfortable with.

Sharing your rented accommodation with the flatmates comes . You need to make some changes as per your roomies. The most important and basic thing is to keep your flat clean.

Learn why living in a clean house is important, as well as some tips for cleaning a sharing room in Delhi, in the sections below.

Why you need to keep your rented premise clean?

Whether you are looking for a PG or a flat, maintaining cleanliness is of highest importance. With the wave of covid 19, hygiene has become important. You need to be more alert than before. Safety is the highest concern while you are living with other roomies. Unhygienic place can make you fall sick and unhealthy.

Here are following foolproof tips to clean your room when living with the flatmates in Delhi:

1.    Drop off the unnecessary stuff

Over the time, you accumulate many things at your home that are of no use. These objects just take space and can be of no use. Allot half an hour for such things and remove them on daily basis till all such stuff is out. Decluttering your house will give you a fresh air and positive environment.

2.    Sanitisation is a must 

With this pandemic effect sanitisation has become important. You should sanitise your room on weekly basis to avoid any infectants to enter. There can be many micro-organisms that enter in our rented flat while we move. This is why clean your room by sanitisation. Collect money from each member of rented flat to make room for sanitiser.

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3.    Clean the beds and kitchen 

Bed is the place where you sleep for long and this is how you spent a long time over there. It needs to be kept clean. Clean your bedroom by decluttering it. Also change the bedsheets weekly. Dust your bedroom neatly. These are the ways to clean your room. You can even divide the work among each other. Sharing is the best technique to lower your burden. Kitchen is the place where rats or cockroaches can make their house if ignored. So keep it clean daily. Clean your gas stove and kitchen slab. Try washing the utensils in the night itself to maintain the sink hygeine.

4.    Reorganise the furniture 

Beds, tables, and chairs can sometimes be rearranged to create more space in a room. In addition, it can be a way for you to alter its aesthetics.

5.    Push the beds together 

You can change you bed position too. Generally in flats or PG roomies prefer to have beds separately. Keeping them together will make some difference and make room lively.

6.    Keep shoes outside the room 

Try keeping the shoe rack outside the rented apartment to keep the dust and dirt away. This is how you clean your room by preventing the dust entering the house. This will also save your time and energy in cleaning it again.

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Bonding is redefined by cleaning

It is your responsibility to keep the shared accommodation clean when you share a room with flatmates. It is prudent to divide the workload among all members so that everyone has the same number of tasks on their to-do list. For example, if you're taking care of the bed, let your flatmate take care of the bookshelf. Cleaning together strengthens bonds and makes living in a shared residence a pleasurable experience.


Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is as crucial as finding a rented accommodation and relocate there. Once you get your perfect rented accommodation through portals like BivocalBirds, you can implement the above discussed ways to keep your place clean and pleasing.

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